Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Beckenham

Looking to brighten your smile? For a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, get in touch with F E Dartford and Associates.


If your teeth have decayed beyond the help a filling or inlay can offer, you should consider crown treatment (or 'caps'). These cover the tooth in its entirety giving it a new, restored appearance.

Although crowns can be used to improve the aesthetics of teeth, they are only recommended for use when the supporting strength of the original tooth has been compromised. Veneers are a more suitable alternative if your teeth are not actually physically damaged.
Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening

Have your teeth become heavily stained? If you're looking to reduce the staining on your teeth, then F E Dartford's tooth whitening treatment could be for you.

Before any treatment begins, we'll take you through a consultation to discuss your expectations, requirements, and suitability for tooth whitening. If it's agreed that tooth whitening is the best treatment for you, we'll establish which home whitening kit would be the most suitable for you.



Veneers are wafer thin laminates used as covers for your teeth. Cemented to the front surface of the underlying tooth, they're able to hide stains and give your teeth a straighter, whiter appearance.

Veneers offer a great solution for damaged or stained teeth and can really improve your smile. They're also ideally suited to fill diastemas (gaps) in your teeth.

F E Dartford offers both composite and porcelain veneers.
Inman Aligner

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is an ideal solution for those suffering from crowded or protrusive teeth; our certified specialist, Gill Traynor, can offer you practical advice regarding the aligner and help decide if it's suitable for you.

Why use the Inman Aligner?
  • Gently guides your teeth to an ideal position
  • Most cases are complete in 6 - 16 weeks
  • The aligner is removable so can be taken out to suit your lifestyle
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